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Quick Facts

Population Size (2013): 14.1 million
Per Capita GDP (2103): USD 796
Electricity Access Rate (2010): Rural 26.6%, Urban 87.8%, National 56.5%

What’s Happened

Supply Chain Mapping Study (July 2013)
Market Intelligence Study (November 2012)
Pilot Project for Lantern Libraries in Public Schools (2013)
Design of a consumer awareness campaign for solar lanterns meeting Lighting Global’s Quality Standards

What’s Next

Launch of a Consumer Awareness Campaign in partnership with local distributors in July 2015.
Launch of an Impact Evaluation in the context of the Consumer Awareness Campaign to assess the effectiveness of visual and communication materials developed by the Lighting Africa Program.
Roll-out of Consumer Education activities as of July 2015.
Continued support to the Government and market players on the ratification of tariff exemptions.