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Quick Facts

Population Size (2013): 173.6 million
Per Capita GDP (2013): USD 1,056
Electricity Access Rate (2010): Rural 34.9%, Urban 79.8%, National 48%

What’s Happened

Consumer Insights Study (August 2013)
Pilot intervention in Nigerian Health Sector (2014)
The program was successfully launched in Lagos and Aba in March 2015, with business-to-business events connecting manufacturers with potential distribution partners and other industry stakeholders;
Consumer education pilots were conducted in Lagos and Kano States in June/July 2015.

What’s Next

Phased roll-out of a nationwide consumer education campaign commencing in August 2015;
Facilitating access-to-finance through microfinance institutions and cooperatives;
Business Development Support including:

  • Retail channel development
  • Corporate outreach
  • Business networking events