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Quick Facts

Population size (2013): 94.1 million
Per Capita GDP (2013): USD 295
Electricity access rate (2010): Rural: 4.8%, Urban 85%, National 23%

What’s Happened

Market Intelligence Study (June 2013)
The World Bank, through the Development Bank of Ethiopia, has provided a $20m FOREX facility with an additional scope to increase it to $40m to meet the increasing demand of off-grid lighting products in the market (2012).
Ethiopian Standards Agency adopted IEC/TS 62257-9-5:2013(E) in 2013, as a voluntary Ethiopian Standard.

What’s Next

A two-year Consumer Education Campaign will be carried-out in Amhara, Oromiya, Tigray, SNNP and Addis Ababa. (September 2015)
Work with the Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise (ECAE) is underway, with the intention that ECAE will become an approved laboratory in the Lighting Global network.