Consumer Education

Consumer education is central to Lighting Africa’s market development activities. Consumer education spurs product demand by creating awareness on modern solar lighting products, how they work, their benefits and advantages over the widely used kerosene and candle lighting.

Lighting Africa works with product manufacturers and distributors to design and run experiential consumer education campaigns that introduce and showcase modern, durable solar lighting products that are available in various markets across Africa.

The campaigns use the edutainment approach, typified by lively road shows featuring music performances and dancing interspersed with key solar messages. They are usually held at the end of market days in rural areas drawing in large crowds. Consumers also have access to a dark room where they can experience the difference in quality between kerosene and solar lighting.

The campaigns also use the smaller, more intimate village forums,bringing together about 20 people, to provide more detailed information on products, and answering consumer questions.

Both approaches are complemented by public service announcements, and talk shows on local, vernacular radio stations, as well as posters featuring quality-verified products and their local distributors, in order to build product recognition among consumers.

The program has further developed generic audio-visual materials and posters that can be easily translated into different local languages for use by different stakeholders.

In 2012, the Lighting Africa consumer education campaign was adjudged the best social marketing campaign in Kenya by the Marketing Society of Kenya.