Three New Products Pass LA Quality Tests

Three New Products Pass LA Quality Tests
Products were tested for battery capacity, charge controller, run time, lighting service, charging behavior, mechanical durability, and long-term lumen degradation.  We asked the manufacturers to say a few words about their products:

nuru-lighting-system Product: Nuru Lighting System Manufacturer: Nuru Lights

“Our ‘single serve’ lights make switching from kerosene an easy decision for rural households as they can purchase Nuru Lights (and recharging services) in a manner similar to the way they purchase
kerosene (and other FMCG- fast moving consumer goods) today – in increments, as and when they have income.” –Sameer Hajee, CEO, Nuru Energy

desk-lamp-kit Product: Desk Lamp Kit Manufacturer: ToughStuff

“ToughStuff’sDesk Lamp Kit comes with a solar panel, lamp, 4m extension cable and lamp stand. Similar to its sister product, the Superbright Room Light, the desk light also provides a modular offering, charging mobile phones, radios and batteries, supplying the three main energy needs of off grid consumers: lighting, connectivity and information. Designed with the BoP market in mind, this affordable but highly efficient and durable kit provides environmental alternatives to kerosene and candles and enhances the education and living standard of its consumers.” –ToughStuff

room_lamp_kit Product: Superbright Room Light Manufacturer: ToughStuff

With the same focus on durability and versatility as our original lamp and panel, the Superbright Room Light was designed following feedback from customers for a product that had the ability to light up a whole room. Providing more than 40 lumens,ToughStuff’s light and solar panel with 4m extension cable now supplies thousands of off-grid families with vital access to light and has received a positive response from consumers across East Africa. We have designed a high performance, robust, and easy to use kit that is suitably priced for the BoP market. What’s more, the modularity of the product means it has the ability to harness the sun to charge mobile phones, radios and batteries, offering not only lighting but connectivity and information as well.” –ToughStuff