SOLUX brings solar light to pregnant mothers and AIDS orphans in Uganda

The Adult Education College in Bad Alexandersbad, Germany has partnered with two Ugandan communities to bring solar light to community projects.

The first of these partnerships is a small community run maternity clinic in unelectrified Kanungu–newly equipped with 11 Solux solar portable lamps.  A group of 24 women called Kihanda Women for Development established a clinic in the late 1990s. In this very mountainous, rural area bordering the Republic of Congo, pregnant women had to walk long distances to reach the hospital – and many babies died on the way. They financed their local clinic through income generating projects, supplemented by financial support from the Adult Education College.

The second partnership concerns a primary school near Kampala that the Adult Education College provided with SOLUX solar portable lanterns.  Although the school is connected to the grid, it experienced frequent powercuts, as the Kampala municipality implements power sharing schemes.  With the SOLUX solar lanterns, the students have now light in their classrooms every evening – independently from the municipal supply. Several years ago, the Center provided financial support to Mary Kayamba, who was teaching AIDS orphans on a rented veranda, to build her own school on a donated plot of land.  Today she is heading a school of 10 teachers, 1 matron and around 200 pupils, some of them boarders, some of them day-schoolers. The orphans go to school free of charge.