Program Results as of December 2014

Overall Impact
35,000,0001 People across Africa with improved energy access due to modern solar lighting products
14,380,0002 People in Africa whose basic lighting needs are being met by modern solar lighting products
7,500,000 Quality solar lighting products sold through local distributorships in Africa
700,000 Tons of GHG emission avoided in Africa; CO2 –equivalent of taking >147,000 cars off the road
31 Percent growth in the sales of quality-assured solar lights between July and December 2014
4.83 Percent of Africa’s un-electrified now using solar lights up from less than 1% in 2009
41 Manufacturers whose products have passed the Lighting Global Quality Standards
25 Countries where quality verified products are on sale in Africa
Quality Standards
Global Quality Standards adopted as international standard for solar lighting products by the International Electrotechnical Commission {IEC Tech Spec 62257-9-5}
135 Solar lighting products so far tested against the Lighting Global Quality Standards
91 Products passed the Lighting Global Quality Standards for off-grid solar lighting products
504 Percent market share of quality off-grid lighting products up from just 3% in 2009
19 Technical Notes published, informing product design and improvement
4 Eco Design Notes published, on health and safety issues for consumers and manufacturers
Market Intelligence
36 Market Insight reports that facilitate entry into new markets or mobilization of investors
Access to Finance
319,000 Quality-verified solar lighting products imported into Ethiopia with facilitation from World Bank financed foreign exchange credit facility
$8.8m Financing leveraged and facilitated for manufacturers, importers and consumers across Africa
8 MFIs in Kenya, and KIVA – the crowd-funding platform, providing consumer micro loans
Partnering with Governments
5 Countries integrated our activities into their energy access projects financed by the World Bank
$25.7m WB-financing committed by governments to catalyze markets for solar lighting products
1 Country, Kenya, adopts the IEC TS 62257-9-5 as national law to counter market spoilage
1 Institution, the UNFCCC, referenced and harmonized its carbon financing (CDM) requirements with the IEC Technical Specification 62257-9-5

Note: Lighting Africa has contributed towards these results through its market development activities implemented in collaboration with various intermediaries across the supply chain, development partners and financial institutions; most importantly, in conjunction with manufacturers of solar lighting products and their distribution partners in Africa.

1Cumulative number of people in homes that now own and use a solar lighting product (No. of products sold multiplied by 5pax/household)

2Number of people whose basic lighting needs are being met by modern solar lighting products based on the new SE4All reporting framework

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