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The Lighting Africa consumer education campaigns typically comprise experiential road shows in rural villages, which convey the key messages and allow consumers a first hand feel of the products. Road shows are staged on market days to reach the largest possible number of people. The team spends the morning doing outreach around villages announcing the event and inviting people to attend. The show kicks off at sunset when most people are done with their day’s work. The road show is a feel-good ensemble of live performances of music and dance.

The facilitators present key messages during and between performances. They showcase a selection of solar lighting products explaining what they are, their advantages over conventional forms of lighting e.g. kerosene lamps, and how they work. They invite consumers to touch and experiment with the products. A popular activity is the drop test, which entails dropping the different lights to the ground to demonstrate how durable they are. The road show caravan is also equipped with a dark room where consumers can also experience the quality of the light, and compare with what they use. Product distributors and retailers are also on hand to answer questions on their products, and to sell

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