Off-Grid Energy Has Key Role in Kenya’s New Electrification Strategy

21 December 2018 In The News, Projects Kenya

Off-Grid energy’s tremendous impacts – and potential for more – have been recognized in the newly launched (December 2018) Kenya National Electrification Strategy (KNES). KNES lays out a strategy for achieving universal electricity access for all Kenyans by 2022, which includes grid extension as well as off-grid solutions. The strategy, which was prepared with support … Read More

Une ligne de crédit de 7 millions de dollars US pour l’électricité solaire hors réseau va être lancée au Niger

05 March 2018 Program Information, Projects Niger

Le 6 mars, le gouvernement du Niger annoncera le lancement officiel d’une ligne de crédit de 7 millions de dollars visant à stimuler le développement d’un marché des Kits Solaires Domestiques (KSD) pour les produits répondant aux normes de qualité reconnues par le programme Lighting Global ainsi que pour des systèmes de pompage solaire de … Read More

Putting “Last-Mile” Consumers First in Kenya

09 November 2017 Projects Kenya

When her neighbor’s house burned down in a kerosene lamp accident, Risper Onyong’e understood that she had to find an alternative source of lighting. Married with one child, this rice farmer in a small village in Kenya faced the same challenges as her neighbors with no access to the electricity grid. Onyong’e’s family relied on … Read More

The Role of Solar Lanterns in the Fight Against Ebola

04 December 2014 Projects Liberia

With over 21,000 infections and more than 8,000 deaths from the Ebola virus since the beginning of the outbreak in 2014, health care facilities in West Africa are strained beyond capacity.  As overcrowded hospitals and clinics are forced to turn away many of those seeking treatment, the infected spread the disease to those caring for … Read More

‘Library’ of Solar Lights puts pico-PV in the hands of approximately 55,000 rural Senegalese

17 November 2014 Projects Senegal

Students in 58 selected rural schools in Senegal were introduced to a different kind of library — a luminothèque – or library of solar lights, thanks to SunnyMoney’s innovative new Light Library model. These libraries allowed students to borrow solar lanterns, so they, along with their families, could experience first hand the benefits of studying … Read More

Solar lamps for disaster relief

30 December 2011 Projects

Elephant Energy, a not-for-profit organization that works to increase access to energy in Namibia, distributed solar-powered lighting and charging technologies to flood victims in six regions of Namibia in July and August 2011, as part of the Namibia Flood-Relief Energization Plan.  Elephant Energy then assessed the benefits of these technologies in a disaster situation by … Read More

Tell Stories of Energy Poverty and Get Rewarded!

04 November 2011 Projects

Peter DiCampo’s Life Without Lights photography in Northern Ghana, Kurdistan in Northern Iraq and New Mexico, USA, reveals how energy poverty affects people’s lives and hampers development. His work will be exhibited as part of the UN-Energy exhibitions in the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), which is taking place June 20-22, 2012 in Brazil … Read More