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Improving the accuracy of our impact reporting through the Multi-Tier Framework

01 November 2016 Products & Quality Assurance, Program Information

Why 59.9 million is equal to 15.8 million Access to modern, reliable energy is crucial to sustainable development. This fact underpins not only the mission of our work – to provide energy access to an additional 250 million people living in sub-Saharan Africa by 2030 – but has also been codified in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development … Read More

Off-Grid Solar Lighting Up Ethiopia

11 September 2016 Program Information Ethiopia

For the millions of people living in remote rural areas of Ethiopia who lack access to the power grid or cannot afford electricity, solar energy represents an important first step on the energy access ladder. Instead of relying on kerosene, candles, dry cell batteries and other fossil fuel-based sources of power, they can now turn to … Read More

Lighting Africa Featured In International Innovation’s Energy Focus Week

03 May 2016 In The News, Program Information

Courtesy of International Innovation – a leading scientific dissemination service Since 2007, the World Bank Group’s Lighting Africa programme has enabled over 35 million people across the continent to access clean, safe and affordable lighting and energy. Communications Lead Jennifer Lynch describes how these renewable energy options are increasing savings and drastically improving living standards. … Read More

Lighting Africa Program Kicks Off in Nigeria

14 March 2015 Program Information Nigeria

The Lighting Africa program, a joint initiative of IFC and the World Bank, was today launched in Nigeria where it will help increase access to affordable, clean and safer lighting for more than 30 percent of Nigeria’s population who live in rural areas, and have low incomes and no access to grid electricity. Lighting Africa … Read More

Lighting Africa Extends its Footprint across the Continent

13 November 2014 Program Information

After a successful pilot phase that enabled more than 28.5 million people across Africa to switch from polluting energy sources such as kerosene to clean, sustainable solar lighting, the joint IFC-World Bank Lighting Africa program has expanded to 10 more countries. Piloted in Kenya and Ghana, Lighting Africa is now operational in Burkina Faso, the … Read More

Lighting Africa illuminates 2.5 million

28 May 2012 Program Information

2.5 million people in Africa have embraced the clean, safer solar energy for lighting their homes and businesses in the past three years abandoning the expensive, hazardous and inefficient kerosene. But a lot still remains to be done. The 2.5 million people with better lighting represent only 0.4 percent of Africa’s unlit population that is … Read More

‘Word of Honor’ secures loans for solar lights

17 May 2012 Program Information Tanzania

For rural communities without electricity, lighting the home can be costly and challenging.  Although well priced solar products are available on the market, their cost is often beyond the reach of many rural consumers. The NGO Appropriate Rural Technology Institute of Tanzania (ARTI-TZ) has figured out how to provide credit to help rural consumers buy … Read More