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Lighting Africa/Nigeria: Tackling Energy Poverty At Its Source

13 July 2020 Benefits of off-grid, In The News, Program Information Nigeria

Access to energy – or the lack of it – significantly impacts an individual’s ability to live above the poverty line. Basic needs such as food, housing, shelter, education, and finance are all adversely impacted by energy poverty and its limitations on a community. Energy poverty makes people rely on expensive, hazardous, and polluting sources … Read More

New Video: The Solar Story, Lighting Africa in Kenya

30 November 2018 Program Information Kenya

In 2009, IFC/World Bank launched the Lighting Africa program in Kenya, with an objective of mobilizing the private sector to create markets for clean and affordable off-grid lighting products for rural communities not connected to the grid. At the time, Kenya had a national grid access rate of twenty-three percent, and only five percent connections … Read More

Une ligne de crédit de 7 millions de dollars US pour l’électricité solaire hors réseau va être lancée au Niger

05 March 2018 Program Information, Projects Niger

Le 6 mars, le gouvernement du Niger annoncera le lancement officiel d’une ligne de crédit de 7 millions de dollars visant à stimuler le développement d’un marché des Kits Solaires Domestiques (KSD) pour les produits répondant aux normes de qualité reconnues par le programme Lighting Global ainsi que pour des systèmes de pompage solaire de … Read More

BIMAS Kenya Ltd recognized among Top Companies in Kenya

04 February 2018 Program Information Kenya

Microfinance institution and Lighting Africa/Kenya client BIMAS Kenya Ltd was recently recognized as one of the top 100 medium-sized companies in Kenya. This is the second time that the MFI entered the competition, making a significant jump from position 98 in 2011, to position 37 this year. The MFI works with the Lighting Africa/Kenya program … Read More

Sierra Leone to benefit from US$200 million electrification project

01 December 2017 In The News, Program Information Burkina Faso

Sierra Leone is among nineteen countries in West Africa that will benefit from a regional off-grid electrification project that will provide beneficiary countries with needed support to foster a sustainable and scalable off-grid solar energy market to meet the electrification needs of its unserved populations under the Lighting Africa Program, supported by the World Bank … Read More

Lighting Africa to Support New Regional Program Targeting 19 West African Countries

06 November 2017 Program Information Burkina Faso

Recognizing the key role that off-grid energy sources can play in combating energy poverty, the preparation of a regional off-grid electrification project, funded by the World Bank and supported by Lighting Africa, was announced in Dakar on October 12, 2017, at the ECOWAS Sustainable Energy Forum 2017. The planned Regional Off-Grid Electrification Project (ROGEP) will … Read More

Lighting Africa/Tanzania Launches New Campaign to Promote Solar Lighting and Energy

24 October 2017 Program Information Tanzania

Last week, Lighting Africa announced the launch of a two-year consumer education campaign in Tanzania to promote solar off-grid lighting and energy products in rural communities not connected to the grid. Solar energy and lighting products are seeing increasing demand in Tanzania, a country where most rural households depend on low quality solar lanterns and … Read More