Products & Quality Assurance

Lighting Africa/Tanzania leads the way in Pico PV standards awareness

30 April 2018 In The News, Products & Quality Assurance Tanzania

In September 2017, with support from the World Bank Group, the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) officially adopted the Lighting Global Quality Standards for Pico solar products as mandatory standards for all imported solar Pico products in Tanzania. These standards include benchmarks for product quality, warranties, and performance reporting requirements. In order to pave way … Read More

A Quality Assurance Framework for Solar System Installations at Public Facilities in West Africa

14 November 2017 In The News, Products & Quality Assurance Nigeria

Courtesy of Schatz Energy Resource Center. By Meg Harper The Schatz Center and the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE), with support from the World Bank through Lighting Africa, are working collaboratively with government partners in Nigeria and Niger to develop a new approach for the procurement, installation, and long-term maintenance of … Read More

Narrowing the Energy Gap: Mobisol Receives IFC Investment Boost

26 January 2017 Products & Quality Assurance, Program Information Kenya

Less than a quarter of households in Kenya are connected to the national electric grid, but solar energy solutions are narrowing the energy gap. Thirty percent of unconnected households are now using decentralized solar energy solutions – placing it among the countries with the highest rates of off-grid solar usage. This statistic is particularly striking … Read More

Improving the accuracy of our impact reporting through the Multi-Tier Framework

01 November 2016 Products & Quality Assurance, Program Information

Why 59.9 million is equal to 15.8 million Access to modern, reliable energy is crucial to sustainable development. This fact underpins not only the mission of our work – to provide energy access to an additional 250 million people living in sub-Saharan Africa by 2030 – but has also been codified in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development … Read More

Lighting Global Extends Support To Solar Home System Kits

05 November 2015 Products & Quality Assurance

In light of the growing market demand, Lighting Global and the regional World Bank Group Lighting programs, Lighting Africa, Lighting Asia and Lighting Pacific, are now extending quality assurance testing and program support from pico-solar products to solar home system kits with power ranging up to 100 Watts. Since 2009, the programs have provided quality … Read More

Greenlight Planet Clinches USD10m Financing Deal to Expand Operations in Africa

27 February 2015 Products & Quality Assurance

Greenlight Planet, a manufacturer and distributor of solar energy products for homes without access to grid electricity has received US$10m financing from Fidelity Growth Partners, India to expand distribution of its Sun King™ family of solar lighting and phone charging products in sub-Saharan Africa. The company, which started operating in Africa in 2012, expects to … Read More

Orb Energy Secures Funding to Replicate Indian Business Model in Kenya

06 February 2015 Products & Quality Assurance Kenya

Orb Energy, manufacturer and distributor of solar energy systems, has received two million dollars ($2m) from the Dutch development finance institution, FMO, to replicate its India business model in Kenya. Orb works with national banks and micro-finance institutions in India to ensure that its customers receive credit to purchase its products. Orb, which entered the … Read More