SolarAid Impact Report 2014

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SolarAid Impact Report 2014

01 September 2014 ,

This 2014 report outlines the objectives and the work done by Solar Aid, an international charity, which aims to increase access to solar lighting in Africa. SolarAid set up a social enterprise called SunnyMoney to sell solar lights in Africa. It also set the goal of eradicating the kerosene lamp from Africa by 2020. The … Read More

Tanzania – Market Intelligence Report

01 December 2013 Tanzania

This study provides information on the utilization and cost of current forms of lighting found amongst the “Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP)” population in Tanzania, the off-grid lighting products that have been introduced into the market, consumer attitudes towards these products, and the supply and distribution chains that deliver them to the rural and peri-urban … Read More

Nigeria Consumer Insights Market Study 2013

01 August 2013 Nigeria

This study examined awareness of solar lighting in Nigeria, perceptions among key stakeholders and effective communication strategies. Nationally only 36% of households are connected to the national grid and power outages are routine. Few consumers are aware of solar lighting but those who are view its safety and durability as advantages compared to alternatives, such … Read More

Etude de la Propension à Payer pour les Lampes Solaires dont les Standards ont été validés par le Programme Lighting Africa – Burkina Faso

01 June 2013 Burkina Faso

Cette étude analyse les profils de consommation de différentes catégories de la population en matière d’éclairage et définit leur volonté/capacité à payer pour des lampes solaires, répondant aux standards reconnus par le programme Lighting Africa. L’étude couvre les milieux urbain et rural.