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Spotlight Issue 1: The Case of the Crooked Agent

01 June 2015

This is the first issue in the “Spotlight” comic book series. Lighting Africa commissioned this series to be used as a consumer education tool that entertains as it teaches about the benefits and use of off-grid solar products. In the series, news reporter Ace and his cousin Malaika uncover intriguing stories and solve many mysteries while they … Read More

Spotlight: Le Cas De L’Agent Véreux

01 June 2015

Ceci est le premier numéro de la série de la bande dessinée « Spotlight ». Lighting Africa a commandé cette série afin qu’elle soit utilisée comme un outil de sensibilisation du consommateur, qui à la fois divertit et enseigne sur les avantages et l’utilisation de produits solaires hors réseau. Dans la série, le journaliste Ace … Read More

Lighting Africa Newsletter, January 2015

01 January 2015

This issue features articles about Lighting Africa moving consumers up the energy ladder, the role of solar lanterns in the fight against Ebola and a ‘Library’ of Solar Lights in rural Senegal helping children study longer.

Uganda Off-Grid Lighting Assessment

12 December 2014 Uganda

This market assessment was based on a demand survey of 845 households; a supply survey of 103 retailers; and interviews with main importers/distributors and with institutions and market influencers in all four regions in Uganda. Key findings in the report indicated that solar product end users are more aware of solar energy products and their benefits … Read More

Lighting Africa Results Fact Sheet – Dec 2014

01 December 2014

This document summarizes Lighting Africa program results as of December 2014. It highlights that 35 million people across Africa had improved energy access due to modern solar lighting products, over 14 million people had their basic lighting needs met by modern solar lighting products, and over 7 million quality solar lighting products were sold in … Read More