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Off-grid Solar Market Assessment in Niger & Design of Market-based Solutions

17 December 2017 Niger

This report provides an assessment of the off-grid solar market in Niger, and makes recommendations for the design of market-based solutions. The report looks at selected customer segments, including private households, public institutions, large- and small-scale irrigation schemes, crop processing, water provision and public street lights, and assesses the market potential for each. Overall, the study … Read More

Regional Off-Grid Electrification Access Project (ROGEAP) Overview

06 December 2017 , ROGEP (Regional Off-Grid Electrificaiton Project)

The Regional Off-Grid Electricity Access Project (ROGEAP) – previously known as the Regional Off-Grid Electrification Project (ROGEP) – aims to increase access to sustainable electricity services in the fifteen ECOWAS member countries and four additional countries (namely Cameroon, Chad, Mauritania and Central African Republic) for households, businesses, and in some instances public health and education … Read More

Lighting Africa Program Brochure

05 November 2017

This brochure provides a brief overview of the Lighting Africa program, including its approach and history. It replaces a previous version of the brochure published in 2015 to reflect new program-countries and updated results.

Deep Dive Supply Chain Report, Tanzania

01 November 2017 Tanzania

Launched in 2016, the overall goal of Lighting Africa/Tanzania is to contribute to the development of a commercial market for quality-verified solar lanterns and solar home systems (SHS). The target is to enable access to cleaner and safer off-grid lighting and energy for 6.5 million people in Tanzania by end 2019 – focusing predominantly on … Read More

Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report 2016

03 March 2016

A lively read for companies, investors, governments, and other key players interested in the opportunities and challenges presented by the dynamic off-grid solar market. The report tracks the groundbreaking technological advances and innovative business models which have emerged to transform the lives of millions through affordable modern solar energy services. This is the third in … Read More

Spotlight Numéro 2: Le Mystère du Costume Disparu

28 January 2016

Ceci est le deuxième numéro de la série de la bande dessinée « Spotlight ». Lighting Africa a commandé cette série afin qu’elle soit utilisée comme un outil de sensibilisation du consommateur, qui à la fois divertit et enseigne sur les avantages et l’utilisation de produits solaires hors réseau. Dans la série, le journaliste Ace … Read More