Market Intelligence & Trends

Phone Charging Micro-businesses in Tanzania and Uganda

31 October 2011 Market Intelligence & Trends

Global Village Energy Partnership (GVEP), a non-profit organization that works to increase access to modern energy and reduce poverty in developing countries, published in a report in September on phone charging businesses in Tanzania and Uganda. The report, Phone Charging Micro-businesses in Tanzania and Uganda, looked at local micro-entrepreneurs trained in establishing and running phone charging services … Read More

New report: African Women Stand to Gain from Modern Off-Grid Lighting

06 October 2011 Market Intelligence & Trends

A new report from the joint IFC/World Bank Lighting Africa Program finds that women in Africa are both important beneficiaries and key facilitators of the modern off-grid lighting revolution. Affordable products utilizing technologies like micro-solar power and LEDs can replace fuel-based lighting- enabling women and men to save money, reduce indoor pollution, and operate their small … Read More

Green Energy Loans for the Poor

28 June 2011 Market Intelligence & Trends Ghana

Microfinance institutions in Ghana are leading efforts to bring affordable solar lighting to the poor. The Christian Rural Aid Network (CRAN) is one such institution and is aiming to provide energy loans to 20,000 people over the next 18 months. “The success of our initial piloting showed demand is so enormous that we intend to … Read More

How Much Does Kerosene Really Cost?

21 April 2011 Market Intelligence & Trends

“My children use the kerosene lamp to study at night, but on the days when I can only afford to buy a very small amount of kerosene my children do not get to study very long and cannot learn.  When the kerosene runs out there is only darkness.” Rural villager, Fatick, Senegal   New Lighting … Read More

Inclusive Business Solutions: Expanding Opportunity and Access at the Base of the Pyramid

19 March 2011 Market Intelligence & Trends

IFC’s new report, Inclusive Business Solutions: Expanding Opportunity and Access at the Base of the Pyramid, outlines IFC’s business solutions that are designed to facilitate new opportunities for innovation, growth and competitiveness at the base of the pyramid (BoP). Too often, people living at the BoP are unable to access key services and, when they … Read More

Global Off-Grid Lighting Stakeholders Association

18 March 2011 Market Intelligence & Trends

Kick-off meeting of the Global Off-grid Lighting Stakeholders Association Twelve international companies congregated in New Delhi, India, in February to attend the Global Off-Grid Lighting Stakeholders Association’s kick-off meeting. The meeting marked the beginning of a united industry voice dedicated to advance and develop clean off-grid lighting solutions for developing countries. All companies involved at … Read More

Lighting Africa Report Will Help New Players Enter Africa’s Off-Grid Lighting Market

01 March 2011 Market Intelligence & Trends

Lighting Africa has released a comprehensive report on the off-grid lighting market in Sub-Saharan Africa that features a wealth of information on consumer behavior and the latest market trends. The Off-Grid Lighting Market in Sub-Saharan Africa: Market Research Synthesis Report provides lighting manufacturers, assemblers and distributors with the in-depth knowledge they need to enter the … Read More