Check out our list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) below. If your question isn’t listed here, please email us at: info@lightingafrica.org and we’ll be happy to answer it for you.

I’m interested in purchasing an off-grid solar product, how much do they cost and where can I buy them?

Lighting Africa does not sell any products. We do, however, maintain a regularly updated list of products that meet our Quality Standards, to help inform your purchasing decisions. You can learn more about our Standards and the products that meet them on our Products page.

I have an off-grid product that I think would be perfect for Lighting Africa. What should I do next?

All of the products that we integrate into our activities must first meet our Quality Standards. Please follow the instructions on our affiliated program’s site, Lighting Global, to learn more about our product testing.

What’s the difference between Lighting Global Quality Standards and Lighting Africa Quality Standards?

There is no difference, as there is only one set of Standards that our programs maintain. Building upon Lighting Africa’s initial success, the program was replicated in other regions. With this expansion, Lighting Global was created, and now houses the quality assurance framework pioneered by Lighting Africa. While now officially known as the Lighting Global Quality Standards, many still refer to the standards by their original name; Lighting Africa (Minimum) Quality Standards.


What has not changed is our program’s dedication to quality, and ensuring that end-users get the best value for their investment. Thus, we only work with products that have met – and continue to meet – our Quality Standards. You can learn more about these Standards, and the products that meet them at Lighting Global.

I am interested in becoming a local distributor of your products. What should I do?

If you are located in a country where Lighting Africa has an active country program, please send an email to info@lightingafrica.org letting us know where you are located, and we can seek to link you up to companies active in your location. If you are in a country where we are not active, please take a look at our list of quality-verified products, maintained by Lighting Global, and reach out to the manufacturers directly.

These products have the power to transform lives, and yet they are still out of financial reach for too many - why don't you just give them away?

Unfortunately, experiences with giveaway programs have shown that in most cases they cause more harm than good. Giveaways actually reduce energy access in the longer-term, rather than increasing it, by driving retailers out of the market.
We do, however, understand that there are exceptions to this rule and in some cases of extreme crisis the market cannot respond quickly enough to meet the need, such as during the Ebola crisis. Small-scale donations can be very effective in these extreme cases.